Robert Adams


Poem by Robert Adams

Download the transcripts here – Robert Adams talked about suggested use on July 21, 1991

“Silence of the Heart” on Amazon UK

Many photos of Robert Adams in one document

Robert Adams’ farewell letter to the Los Angeles satsang before he moved to Sedona, AZ in 1995

3 letters from Robert Adams to a student in the Czech Republic, March – July 1996

A brochure produced by Robert Adams’ Los Angeles satsang including June 23, 1991 transcript, short bio and poem written by Robert in 1994

Robert Adams portrait from The Mountain Path on old dining hall wall in Ramana Ashram

Letters from Robert Adams to a devotee, K.C., 1992-1996

An account from a student’s visit to Robert Adams in Sedona, AZ in 1997–with many illustrations

The Robert Adams chapter in RAMANA PERIYA PURANAM, by Ramana Maharshi’s grand nephew V. Ganesan (pg.432-439)

A moving account from Luis de Santiago, one of Robert’s students in Los Angeles

Chapters from Kym Chaffin’s 2019 eBook, “Real Enlightenment and the Energy Body” about his experience corresponding and meeting with Robert Adams in the early 1990’s

A single document containing all available online first-hand accounts from students of Robert Adams, compiled by a devotee in May, 2021

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